Tutoring Today was created by two teachers who have each been working for over 12 years as subject leaders, curriculum developers and senior members of their respective schools.

After setting up a small study session at home, both teachers realised that there was a growing demand for private tuition and a real need for a quality service that reaches both children who want to achieve more and those who need to achieve a higher attainment level at school.

Tutoring Today was established in 2013 and was set out to give everyone the opportunity to learn and achieve their goals. Our aim is to create an engaging, motivating and inspiring learning environment. With the help of parents and a professionally designed curriculum, we believe Tutoring Today can help all children with different needs and abilities. Our breadth of professionalism, experience and expertise, makes our learning second to none, invaluable, with a vision of building mastery within education.

We pride ourselves on how we teach. After teaching collectively for well over two decades, with countless training throughout the years and degrees in the field of Psychology and Education & Leadership management, we have developed a method of teaching that makes learning fun, inspiring, creating independence and resilience in young people.

We use a four-part lesson structure:

1. Entrance activity –

Pupils are settled in immediately, with a vocabulary, spelling or arithmetic activity, based on the topic of the lesson and the national curriculum.

2. Starter activity –

Pupils will be asked to complete a short task in pairs or groups and give feedback on their findings. This builds a great start to the lesson; helps to develop confidence, creates an inspiring lesson; leads the pupils onto the main activity, helps pupils to correct mistakes and allows those who have done well to assert their learning to help others.

3. Main activity –

Teachers will deliver a short 10 to 15-minute presentation and lecture to the pupils, reflecting on the previous activities and the delivery of the lesson topic with helpful subject modelling. If pupils progress and complete work quickly, the class teacher will provide a more challenging activity.

4. Plenary activity –

The plenary is the final activity, where the pupils will get the chance to assess their work and identify what went well and where they can possibly improve. This will be done by self-assessment, peer-assessment and, of course, a teacher assessment. The plenary is extremely important, as at this stage, pupils can learn from their mistakes and reinforce their knowledge to help build, what we in education call “Mastery”.

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