1. What age group do you teach?
We teach pupils in years 3, 4 (lower KS2) and 5 and 6 (upper KS2) children.
3. Do you help pupils with GCSE and A Level lessons?
At present, we do not. But we will do in the near future.
4. How do we sign up for tutoring sessions?
Simply contact us to find out where your nearest centre is and we will arrange for you to attend a session, we can then have an informal assessment of your child.
5. Do you deliver one to one sessions?
We do not do one to one sessions, please see the Pricing link to see the classes we are currently running.
6. How much do your sessions cost?
We currently offer two classes, the Platinum lesson at £15 an hour and £25 for two lessons or the No nonsense booster lessons, priced at £69.99 for eight sessions, charged on monthly basis.
7. How long are the lessons?
The Premium lessons are an hour long and the No nonsense booster lessons are 50 minutes long.
8. Is there a drop-in session?
Yes, the first two lessons are free, call to register and arrange for your free lesson.
9. What subjects do you teach?
We teach Mathematics and English KS2 pupils.
10. How do you teach children in a typical Tutoring Today lesson?
We deliver a four-part lesson a. Part one - A entrance activity such as an arithmetic, mental maths, spelling or vocabulary activity; b. Part two - A starter activity that introduces the topic being learnt through group work and class discussions; c. Part three - The main activity which is a presentation from the teacher, which is followed by an independent differentiated set of actives; d. Part four - A plenary activity that sums up the lessons and identifies what has been learnt. Also, teacher, peer and self-assessment is used to measure the lesson outcomes.
11. Do you prepare children for SATs?
Yes, our in-house curriculum map and lesson resources are based on the national curriculum.
12. Are your lessons delivered by qualified teacher?
Yes, all our lessons are delivered by qualified teachers. Currently all our teachers have a minimum of 11-year experience as teacher, subject and year leaders and head of departments.
13. Do you test children?
Yes we do, we often use past papers, SPaG tests and 11+ past papers to help learn and practice exam techniques.
14. What if I cannot come to the lesson?
Please contact us asap, so we can make arrangements.
15. What if I no longer need a tutor?
Simply give us a call or send us an email to let us know.
16. Does tutoring happen during holiday periods?
Our lessons continue during half term holidays, but will close during Christmas, Easter and the summer holiday, unless told otherwise.


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